Star, daughter of Andromeda and Orion, has ventured far from her home in Yellowstone National Park to make her home in the arctic tundra! But many new dangers await her here, both from nature itself and from mankind. Will Star and her newfound pack be able to survive? Or is their story doomed for disaster?
WOLF is a game from 1994 by the now-disbanded Sanctuary Woods. It is now available from, and can be run through a dosbox emulator.
I GOOFED IN THE VIDEO- it’s 1994, NOT 1995

WOLF (via abandonia):

How to install a DosBox emulator (PLEASE BE CAREFUL!):

To run WOLF, go into the game folder, find the application file called WOLF, and drag it onto the DOSbox file (or DOSbox file shortcut).

About abandonware:
Abandonware is a weird and touchy subject. I looked it up in depth afterwards and most people agree that it is technically illegal, but you won’t get in trouble for it.
Wikipedia’s article on abandonware:

So, the trouble with abandonware and copyright is that most of the games are technically still copyrighted, but, as is the case with WOLF, stuff has gone on and there’s really no way to enforce it. In WOLF’s case, its creator, Sanctuary Woods, is out of business. So, where does that leave the copyright?
My take on it is this. I do not encourage or support the pirating of software, however, for situations such as WOLF’s, where the likelihood of obtaining a copy of the game is next to nil, and the company behind it is disbanded, meaning no further chance of getting the game from them (or properly paying the creators), I make exceptions. As long as the software creator is still around and there’s a legitimate means of obtaining the software, I will always support buying the software in such a way that it will return payment for the hard work of the creators. To illegally download such software without paying for it is STEALING, as it takes money from the creators. However, in cases such as WOLF, where the creators are no longer available and are no longer earning money for game sales, you aren’t taking away money they could be earning by downloading the game online, so you aren’t taking away their revenue.
This is something you all need to look into yourselves to make an informed decision on. What I’ve presented here is ONLY my views– you are responsible for your own decisions and actions.
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