Shall we start?
*Splash picture

This video have two parts!
-first try , I’m going to show you a common mistake
And for the second try I’ll show you how to fix it and make it work .

Are you tired having this old icon and empty splash picture that popping out every time you play Wolf Online ?

Well You got the right channel pukes!
I’ll be showing you how to edit W.O

Now Let’s starts editing this awesome mods !
Broken Mod , Hellmod , RIP Mod , VIP Mod , Soul Reaper Mod or even your very own favorite the Sexy Mod (;

Using this incredible app called APK Pro Editor you can edit all apks and even Wolf Online ! is that amazing?
APK Tool Editor :

Thanks again Tigre reaper for the wonderful Soul Reaper Mod !

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Stay sexy (;