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For this video, I will be killing the bosses (guardians) in Wolf Online 3.5.0 with only one hit!
Sadly, the old way of doing this stopped working with the May 2020 update, but a friend taught me how to do this in 2021!
So props for them. Embark on a nostalgic journey with Play Zero Tolerance on sega mega drive emulator – relive the magic of 90s gaming!
I can only hack the boss if nobody has bitten it.
Once I hack the Wolf Online bosses, anybody can kill them.
And once one is killed, EVERYBODY in the server gets points.
So a win-win situation.
I will try to upload at least twice a week.
I’ve been slacking a little.
Been busy with work and stuff.

– Wolf Online 3.5.0 hack –

Anyhow, see ya in the next vid!


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