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Hello all!
Hope you’re having a great day/evening/night.
This Wolf Online 2 hacking video was made for some fun.
Have you not ever wondered if it was easy for hackers to pass the gatekeepers in Wolf Online 2?
Hacking doesn’t always make things easy!

For most of these things, I only gave one attempt.
Just to let you all know, about any method (except slow speed) will eventually get you past the gatekeepers.

Any video suggestions? I’d be glad to hear em.
For anybody wondering, this is not a Wolf Online 2 hack tutorial.
I had somebody complain to me that some of my videos aren’t tutorials.
Not all of them will be!
I do tips, tricks, and hacks.
Tips are helpful.
Tricks are tutorials.
Hacks are just hacks!
I do some hacking/modding tutorials, but I place those under the tricks category!
For anybody that watched it, only the speed hack made it through, lol!
For all of you WAO people that were looking for the WAO Script, it will be done soon! Thank you for waiting.

(Wolf Online 2 hack)

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