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Heyo. I was just trying out very random things in wo2.
In order to come up with a good hack, you have to find it yourself. (Or you are given it)

I had to find some myself because I don’t see anyone giving me anything haha.

So I spent 2 hours hacking Wolf Online 2 and only found a few good things.
(Worthy of being put into a script)

I will look for some more sooner or later.

Wolf Online 2 is kinda dead in 2021.
I literally saw no other hackers.
It was kinda boring.
Also, somebody banned me but I figured out how to unban myself.
If I get banned again, I will show how to unban yourself from Wolf Online 2.

Wolf Online 2 still sucks though.
It’s laggy as crap, and it is not fun unless you hack it.

Anyhow, this will be all for this video.

Have a good day/night

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