This lecture was live on 24-January, 2022. Indie Arena Booth is the biggest shared developer booth in the world. It has been providing an affordable spot for indie game developers to showcase their games at the world´s largest gaming event Gamescom in Germany. Before the pandemic, Gamescom attracted over 300 000 visitors and exhibitors from over 50 countries, among those were the success of “Indie Arena Booth” which was run by Super Crowd. In 2020, the show was canceled, which made Super Crowd pivot to online events. With the addition of a meta-game design, gamification elements, and native video calls, the platform has been able to attract and sustain visitors of over 4 hours of playtime at the online expo.

Wolf Lang is the CEO of Super Crowd. He is curious to push the limits of what’s possible and create a great experience with an awesome team. Wolf was originally an indie game developer himself, and in 2018 he took a turn to the professional event organizers world in 2018 by founding Super Crowd. Super Crowd built a successful platform for indies to showcase their games at the Gamescom – The Indie Arena Booth. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, Wolf lead Super Crowd´s turn into game design, shaping the event into a playable online game expo.

0:00:00 Start
0:06:14 Introducing Wolf Lang
0:09:24 What is Indie Arena Booth? + Amazing 2019
0:20:49 But then Covid-19 happen…
0:27:17 A journey to bring Indie Arena Booth online
0:40:27 Indie Arena Booth Online demo
0:45:36 Learnings & Findings
1:00:59 Now in 2022…what now?
1:11:17 The 4 main drivers of Super Crowd solution
1:29:28 Questions

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