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Do you like horror themed role playing games?

This week at Monster Hobbies Online we will be looking at the thrilling games we have available now from White Wolf Publishing.

First up, at 0:17 is this exciting expansion to Vampire : The Requiem – New Orleans, City of the Damned. This book includes a rich and detailed setting for Vampire players and story tellers. A wealth of characters, story hooks and story teller tips useful in any Vampire chronicle. A complete sample story introducing players to the setting and facilitating immediate play.

Next on the list at 0:45 is “Magical Traditions” for Mage : The Awakening. This book includes seven magical traditions from Santeria and Taoist Sorcery to the rites of The Knights Templar and Appalachian Hoodoo Hexery. unique special casting rules and benefits for mages versed in magical traditions. Advice for incorporating magical traditions into chronicles and stories.

Finally at 1:13 we look at “Lodges – The Splintered” for Werewolf : The Forsaken. This book includes twenty two new lodges representing the werewolves of the world, from Poland to Japan to Antarctica. New gifts, rites, merits and fetishes for the select, as well as sample characters to drive a new store. More information on modifying lodges to suit a new local or an altered purpose.

You may ask yourself “Where can I find White Wolf Role Playing Game Books?”

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