The developers of Warframe share what’s coming this Autumn, including Nights of Naberus 2022, brand new in-game items via the 2022 Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign, Revenant Prime and more.

Everything You Need To Know About Cross Play Tests:

Like a song that was played? Here is all of the community made music featured on our stream!

0:00 Please Stand By
9:30 Intro
15:35 Wukong Discussion
17:00 Veilbreaker Follow-Up
20:40 AOE Discussion
29:00 Sound of Styanax
39:50 Revenant Prime Reveal
42:52 Revenant Prime In Arsenal
46:10 Nights Of Naberus
49:35 TennoTober
51:30 Quest to Conquer Cancer
55:40 Wolf Warframe Talk
1:02:40 Wolf Warframe Weapon
1:05:25 Prime Resurgence
1:08:10 New Dojo Room
1:10:30 Archon Shard Cosmetic WIP
1:13:45 Grendel Plans
1:14:40 Cross Play Tests
1:18:50 Kahl Weekly Reset
1:20:56 Ammo Visual Change
1:22:00 Ammo Attenuation
1:28:07 Wrap Up

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