Some games where you can be a wolf

It’s easy to become a real beast here. Save a life or protect a pack. Wild ruler of the forest. These are games where you can be a wolf.

Three titles:

Wild Wolves

Wild Wolves

The player’s avatar is in conditions that can be close to real. Diverse flora and fauna accompany a journey of life. Part of the tasks will teach how to communicate in this world. In many cases, it is necessary to show teeth.

This is a good example of a simulation without deep mechanics. It is necessary to live life in a pack and follow the group rules. Hunting for prey and protecting relatives is what is important in the game. Simple controls will help get used to the role.

Tundra Run

Tundra Run

A side-scrolling runner in a very dangerous area. Everything is trying to destroy the protagonist-beast. Boxes obstructing the path, chasing deadly waves, and much more. Salvation depends on the speed and skill of a well-timed jump.

Wolf vs Tiger: Simulator

Wolf vs Tiger

Confrontation with an unequal enemy. If there is not enough strength, then need to win with cunning and intelligence. To do this, there are missions that allow improving stats. On the way will meet those who can enter the pack. It is easier to defeat any opponent by quantity.

The open world is filled with different creatures. Lots of missions with different requirements. There is a need to monitor the state of the body. It is very easy to immerse yourself in this world.

What about other games where you can be a wolf?

Most often there are names about foxes or about all animals at once. Like the same simulators of forest life. Predators are popular but in fast-paced genres. The ideas cover werewolves, for example.


It is not easy to find such projects. Their quality and scope vary greatly. The visual style hurts the eye or delights with the idea in these titles. But still, they are games where you can be a wolf. Do you enjoy playing online? Play Atari Lynx Emulator Games.