Hey Guys , It’s Infinity, I wanted to first of all thank you for watching my videos and continuing to support me. I really appreciate it and it blows my mind that we’ve come so far🤯

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ATTENTION: Some of the features were removed because they can make servers freeze and crash if too many people use the feature at once. The game would be unplayable and unenjoyable. Thank you for understanding. Some of the features I removed could even permanently ban ios users. So i had to be respectful and remove them

🌈Special Thanks to Modern ModYT for the neg suggestion!🌈

➳ Custom Points
➳ Custom Banners
➳ Custom Howl
➳ Custom Dinos Banner
➳ Custom Pixel Blood Banner
➳ Custom Best Player
➳ Custom Skill Level Up
➳ Custom Stats Symbol
➳ Free Fire Paws
➳ Tim Bieb Banners (special addition)
➳ No Censorship
➳ Custom Name Color
➳ Custom Chat Color
➳ Spam Spawn Baby Tigers
(➳ Spawn Dragon 🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Barghest🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Chimera🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Manticora 🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Snow Guardian🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Cerberus🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Vampire🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Giant Viper🌈Feature Was Removed from public
➳ Spawn Black Tiger🌈Feature Was Removed from public)
➳ Spawn Stag
➳ Spawn Lion
➳ Spawn Bear
➳ Custom Experience
➳ Spawn Infinity Point/POS Stag
➳ Spawn Negative Infinity/ Negative POS Stag
🌈Feature Was Removed from public

List of color codes
(Choose a color, remove the hash tag and put brackets around it to work in the script)

Virtual rooted environment/Emulator for GG & Wolf Online

Game Guardian Tool

Some Symbols For You

Link (I appologize for removing some features but we have to still keep the game in tact. if too many people used it, ios players would get banned by killing the neg Stag, and servers would lag and crash because it can’t hold all the boss spawning. Please understand that this is me respecting all players and the integrity of the game itself.)