Game Info
Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
Year of Release: 1987

Game Review & Impressions
The quintessential arcade lightgun shooter, inspired by Rambo, Commando and so many other classic action movies from the 1980s, sees army beefcake Roy Adams head behind enemy lines to rescue a bunch of hostages from a P.O.W. camp hidden somewhere in dense and inhospitable jungle. I never got to enjoy the arcade machine as a child because, despite encountering the cabinet it on many occasions, I simply wasn’t tall enough to reach the bloody controls!

Instead, I had to make do with the C64 and Amiga home ports, but arcade machine with its black plastic UZI gun, flashing screen and raucous explosions was always an instant draw on walking into an arcade, even if I couldn’t play it.

The game mechanics couldn’t be simpler: just shoot anything on the screen that looks like it might shoot back. Enemies about to fire back usually flash briefly, giving you a second or so to nail them before they send a volley of hot lead in your direction, although leaving things this late means you’re going to take some damage in the process.

There’s little I can really say about Operation Wolf that hasn’t been said countless times before. It’s just a classic arcade experience, boasting great gameplay, excellent sprite artwork and just all-round awesome presentation!

Video Notes
I added a photosensitivity warning at the start of the video because, being a true lightgun game, the game has to blank the screen to detect exactly what you’re shooting at, resulting in a *lot* of flashing.

I played through one complete loop of the game, which then continues on a higher difficulty. The colour of the background changes to a sunset theme, but the game is basically the same.

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00:00 Seizure warning
00:05 Attract mode
00:36 Stage 1: Communication Setup
02:00 Stage 2: Jungle
03:35 Stage 3: Village
05:05 Stage 4: Powder Magazine
06:02 Bonus Stage
06:27 Stage 5: Concentration Camp
07:58 Stage 6: Airport
09:44 Ending
10:39 Game Over Screen

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