Hey Guys , It’s Infinity, I wanted to first of all thank you for watching my videos and continuing to support me. I really appreciate it and it blows my mind that we’ve come so far🀯

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β—† Fully Modded Game Guardian
β—† Aesthetically Pleasing Color Scheme
β—† Modular 20 + Individual lua scripts combined as one
β—† Free Pet
β—† Free Fire Paws
β—† Custom Fire Paw Color
β—† Insta kill any Boss
β—† Freeze Players
β—† Ban Players
β—† Crash Server
β—† Stat Menu
β—† Level Menu
β—† Cosmetic Edits: Stat Label, Skill Level Up, Network, Pet Name, Best Player, Game Banners, EX, Points, Chat, Howl, Joined, Name Color, Etc.
β—† Name Menu
β—† No Censorship
β—† Size Menu
β—† Fly Menu
β—† Boss Spawn
β—† Monster Spawn
β—† Animal Spawn
β—† Spam Animals/Bosses/Monsters
β—† Clone all Wolves
β—† HTML Color Code Menu
β—† Symbol Menu
β—† Spawn Infinity Pos Deer
β—† Spawn Neg Infinity Deer
β—† 5 Epic Banners
β—† Script is Modular and it is easy to add new features and Menus at any time!

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1. Anyway – Alex Skrindo
2. 3rd Prototype – Dancefloor