In this video I talk about the game Mortal Online 2 and what is trully unique about it. I also compare that to other MMO’s and how the feeling is compared to the feeling of mortal when you do a dungeon or maybe get into an ambush. I also included a statement from the CEO where he explains what they make different to get this experience.

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0:00 Henrik the brain
0:07 Intro
0:13 What makes it Unique
1:15 Themepark MMO’s
1:30 Why its so good
2:00 The danger is always there
2:15 How star vault handle this
3:05 Toxic People
3:30 New Casual Players from
4:15 The thrill is awesome
5:54 Henrik say what makes it so special
9:09 Leave your opinion please
9:33 Thanks Supporters
9:45 Outro

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