Markus Wolf and Michael Sartain go head to head in an insane and chaotic heated debate between cold approach and social circle game. Lots of shouting, laughing, crazy moments. Almost as stressful as watching Uncut Gems. Even Dan Bilzerian joined the call, however this had to be taken out of the recording due to privacy.

Moderator (Until letting the chaos unfold):
Ice White (@GameGlobalOfficial)

Cold Approach Team:
Markus Wolf (@UltimateManProject)
Hamza Hitch
Brandon Gregurovic (@BrandonJesse_unloaded)
Jesse Flores (Brandon & Jesse Unloaded)

Social Circle Team:
@MichaelSartain (Men Of Action)
Miguel Colon (Men Of Action)
Dan Bilzerian (Ignite)
Men Of Action Students

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00:00 Preview
00:26 Cold Approach VS Social Circle Game
10:48 Dan Bilzerian Joins (Cut Out)
12:15 What’s Better For Beginners?
13:00 Pickup Artist Bootcamps
15:17 Defining Social Circle Game
17:45 Social Circle Game In Message Game
22:54 Message Game Is Separate From Social Circle Game
24:47 Moving From Cold Approach To Social Circle Game
29:13 Eliminating Message Game From The Debate
29:46 Cold Approach As A Foundation
31:48 Compliance
33:10 Moderator Steps In
33:54 Social Circle Game For Beginners
44:14 Men Of Action Students
51:00 Dan Bilzerian Cold Approaching
52:16 Preselection VS Bragging VS DHV
53:13 MADNESS BEGINS: Pulling A Girl’s Hair
56:50 Markus Wolf UNINTERRUPTED
1:00:18 Things That Aren’t Exclusive To Social Circle Game
1:18:24 Michael Challenges Markus To Hair Pulling In The Club
1:23:13 Cold Approach Results VS Social Circle Game Results
1:35:52 Cold Approach Goal
1:45:53 Friendzoning Girls
1:49:53 Cold Approach To Build A Social Circle
1:55:50 Outcome Independence
2:00:54 Surrounding Yourself With Women
2:04:44 Attribution Bias
2:08:12 Optimizing Opportunity
2:13:28 Where To Find Debaters
2:14:55 Final Comments

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