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Hello this is the updated version of how to play wolf online on pc as the video i uploaded be four the program wasnt working with wolf online multiplayer but this is a fixed version. Remember To Uninstall Any Other Version Of Nox. If Wolf Online Is Running Slow Just Restart Your Computer After You Have Tested That It Works Too.


Nox download

Once you have watched this and installed nox go to my old video to see how to setup the controls and everything this is only how to download the new version not how to setup the controls. here is the link to my video showing how to setup controls.

NEW– First ever iOS wolf online mods and how to install them on iOS

– I have made a wolf online chat website it is on 24/7 and you can add your friends and never lose them. Reason i made this is because have you ever hated losing ur friends on wolf online and then once you maybe crash or have to go you never find them again well now all you have to do is come here and it will ne easier to find your friends.Hopefully it will become popular and we can have all wolf online players chatting. Heres the url

You can download my Christmas desktop wallpaper in the video here XD i made it with Photoshop πŸ˜›

Link To Original And Used Music In This Video Is Here

Song Name : MCTR – Matrix
By: Bass Nation