Hello, everybody.
I took a break from videos for a while.
I am uploading an exploit that was once private, but is now public.
I NEVER upload exploits that are STILL private.
I am sad this one is no longer private.
Two YouTubers who I am not mentioning have already released videos on it.
This script was requested by Nixi.
You all said you wanted a multi-color GG theme so I did just that.
This GG only works for Sparklash Script.
Sparklash Script allows you to change your name ingame.
This also allows you to have a rainbow name above your head. (everybody can see)
There’s a YouTuber that actively copies my crap, so if you see another version of this script pop up shortly, the copier is back at it again.
This script was made for Wolf Online 1.
Newer 1Games applications will not work using this script.
Root is required for this hack to work properly.
Watch the FULL video before you ask any questions.
ALL video suggestions are welcome.
This works with all versions of Wolf Online beyond 2.1.1 as of 09/20/22
The script and GG theme were both made by me.
Total of about three days to set everything together.


Text Repeater:

Character Counter:

Color Coding Site:




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