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Another Wolf Online 3.5.0 video.
This video will show you how to get free firepaws in Wolf Online 3.5.0 2021

This is the hacking method. Using Fly Mod will automatically give you firepaws.
So if you use this method, you can call yourself a Wolf Online hacker 😉

A bit about using Cheatdroid for Wolf Online in 2021 –

In May of 2020, 1Games released an update for Wolf Online that included added protection to the game.
This means normally editable things were enceypted and protected from hackers/mod makers.
This is why there are no real 2021 mods for Wolf Online.
1Games has spread a similar update to Dinos Online. (It includes a banning feature.)
Wolf Online actually has a banning feature, but weirdly only for IOS users.
If an IOS user gets normal or high pos, they will be banned.
So, all of you IOS users need to ask for low pos. Not normal pos.

Anyways, about Cheatdroid.
Since everything was deleted/encrypted in a specific manner, you need to add your own things to Cheatdroid.
Once you close out Cheatdroid, adding things won’t work anymore.
Meaning if you hacked your name and closed it, you can’t change your name again through it or do anything else again until you delete Wolf Online.
Anything you hacked will stay the same, you just can’t update it.
All of these Cheatdroid in 2021 videos are being credited to Mr. CreamPie for teaching me how to do this.




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Vmos Tutorial:


Vmos Unlocker (needed):


Wolf Online:

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