Based on parts of the Game of Thrones universe not explored in the TV series, The Wild Wolf is an unofficial short film by Belfast film-makers Ciaran Mc Ilhatton and Shane Gibson.

“Brandon Stark, Ned Stark’s older brother and heir to Winterfell, has been betrothed to Catelyn Tully in an effort to unify the houses Stark and Tully. A young Petyr Baelish, living as a ward at Riverrun under the care of House Tully, has challenged Brandon to a duel for the Lady Catelyn’s hand in marriage. Brandon is answering the challenge to put young Littlefinger in his place…”

Presented here by Independent Online Cinema, The Wild Wolf is a fan made prequel short film based off the Game of Thrones and “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

The short takes place around 15 years before the first episode of Game of Thrones and is based around the events prior to Robert’s Rebellion.

Produced & Written by Ciaran Mc Ilhatton and Shane Gibson.

Wild Wolf Films is an Indie Film group from Belfast, home of Game of Thrones. The makers were inspired by their love of the series to take up a camera and make something themselves.

The team have some cool behind the scenes blog posts telling the story of how the film was made (called Wolfbites) by a group of friends on a tiny budget. The links for these are:

Project Info
Wolfbite #1
Wolfbite #2
Wolfbite #3

If you have any questions about the project or would like to contact the makers, please don’t hesitate to email:
Email – [email protected]

Director Ciaran Mc Ilhatton’s Website

Michael Reynolds, DoP: