House Stark’s tale (messed up by Crusader Kings shenanigans) starting from Robert’s Rebellion with Ned Stark as he fights against the tyranny of House Targaryen and going beyond; to regaining independence and even rule of all Westeros. Winter is Coming. What could possibly go wrong?

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Timestamps!!! 😀
0:00 Introduction
0:09 King Darion
2:05 Cadet Branches
3:51 Queen of the Reach
7:05 Karstarks of Casterly
11:38 Bowed Bent Broken
13:41 The Westerlands
14:56 King Brandon
17:24 King Jorah
19:05 Starkcest
19:53 Iron Price
20:55 Winter Throne
23:30 Timelapse
23:40 Year 1090