This gameplay tutorial for Mechwarrior Online shows you how to utilize your Mech to it’s best extend. I’ll give you a rundown of the build and what it is made for and show you the actual combat role in two games on the battlefield.

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0:00 Build Description
03:02 HPG Manifold
09:44 HPG Manifold

2x LRM15
1x LB 10-X
4x ER Medium Laser

I am using Haven Kendrick’s Soundpack! Download it here: . To install, simply locate your Mechwarrior Online installation folder, open “Game” and you will see lots of .pak files. Drop the sound mod file into that folder with the other .pak files, restart the client, and you are good to go!

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Mechwarrior Online is a free to play first person shooter featuring Mech customization and a lot of team play. Download here ►

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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