🐺 Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D Family Game / Animal Simulator Game / Android Gameplay

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Do you like wild animals and want to try yourself in the shoes of a wolf? The game “🐺 Wolf Simulator 3D” – for you! Play as a real wolf and become the most powerful in this autumn forest!

Play, travel, hunt, fight, explore new locations, create a large family and become the strongest in the forest!


πŸ“‹ QUESTS – Do interesting quests in the forest and get experience and gold for it

πŸ‘• WOLF CUSTOMIZATION – Choose any skin for your wolf and his family!

🏠 HOME IMPROVEMENT – Equip your home to survive in the forest

β›΅ RIDE A SHIP – You can shorten long journeys

🐺 FAMILY OF WOLVES – Find a partner, start a big family

🐺 UPGRADE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY – You have to stay strong in the forest to survive

🐾 CREATURES – You will meet many different animals and people

🌎 OPEN WORLD – Walk through the beautiful forest, explore different villages and locations

πŸ†GET DAILY GIFTS – Play every day and get a free skin at the end of the week

🎨 BEAUTIFUL LOW POLY STYLE – Detailed world in LOW POLY style